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Trentingrana - Caseificio Sociale Val di Fiemme

It is the DOP par excellence of Trentino and has always been one of the leading products of our dairy. More than 50% of the milk delivered is transformed into Trentingrana. Produced according to the traditional method, mixing skimmed milk from the evening and whole milk from the morning, to which serum starter (natural ferments) and powdered calf rennet are added. The rest is done by the experience and skill of our cheesemakers. We produce annually more than 9000 forms in different maturations: 12 months, 14-18 months, 24 months and 36 months.

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Other products from Caseificio Sociale Val di Fiemme

Fontal di Cavalese
A Trentino excellence made unique by its softness
Formae Val di Fiemme seasoned
Raw milk cheese whose washed rind makes it pleasantly tasty.
Seasoned Caprino Cavalese
A cheese much appreciated for the softness of its paste and for the balance o...
Stravecchio by Fiemme
Typical of the Trentino tradition, produced with raw milk from the separate m...
Fior di Cavalese with Saffron from Fiemme
Pasteurized cow's milk cheese typical of the dairy
Fresca Fiemme Milk
A Trentino excellence made unique by its goodness
Fresca Fiemme Yogurt
Fresca Fiemme yogurt, Trentino excellence, unique in its sweetness and goodness
Fior di Cavalese with chives
Fresh cheese with a pleasant taste. Ideal to compose mixed cheese boards.
Fior di Capra spreadable
An excellence of Val di Fiemme, pasteurized goat cheese ideal for spreading o...
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