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708 km Cembrani Bianco

Cembrani D.O.C.

708 km Cembrani Bianco - Cembrani D.O.C.


GRAPE: Müller Thurgau (60%) e Riesling (40%)

VINEYARDS: The grapes for the production of this blend are part of most vineyards owned by the consortium of Cembrani DOC. Each company has selected a particular area and conferred the wine to the Consortium for the creation of an exceptional blend, summarizing the flavor of the mountain area: great aroma and flavor well balanced. These wines are the expression of the historical vines of the territory together with those who represent the future of the wine Cembra Valley . The vineyards have exposure south / east and are located between 550 m / above sea level and 780 m / above sea level in the municipalities of Cembra and Giovo : Müller Thurgau : Ronchi , Rive , Valfraja , Maso Roncador , Fields Longhi Riesling : Cosèla , Saosent , Fontana

HARVESTING: traditional pergola style for Müller Thurgau and guyot for Riesling

YIELD: 110 q/Ha for Müller Thurgau and 80 q/HA for Riesling

SOIL: porphyry and limestone

VINIFICATION: soft rasping at controlled temperature

AGING: in stainless steel tanks

ALCOHOL: 12.5%

TASTING NOTES: straw yellow in color, the nose is fine and intense, with hints of white flowers, tropical fruit and peach. Savory, mineral, with pleasant acidity, typical characteristics of mountain wines. Dry and persistent.

NOTE: "708 km Cembrani Bianco" and "708 km Cembrani Rosso” represent the ambassadors of the excellence of the territory of the Cembra Valley and its unique climatic peculiarities: the continental climate, the south / east exposure, the geological component porphyry and limestone of the valley, the sharp differences in temperature in the pre-harvest period, are the unique features of the Cembra Valley that yield exceptional grapes., To the Valle di Cembra and its estimated 708 km of dry stone walls are dedicated these productions.

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