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E-BORGHI is synonymous with innovation and represents a true evolution in the way the Belpaese is perceived, radically differing from the current and obsolete scenario that orbits around the world of villages. Indeed, the philosophy underlying the entire project is based on the need to provide the reader with a complete overview of the great historical-artistic, naturalistic, productive and enogastronomic heritage of the villages and their territories. A 360-degree immersive experience that makes E-BORGHI the only point of reference for true lovers of slow tourism.


Because we in the editorial team like elegance, the essential - and indeed - evolution. The focus of E-BORGHI will not only be the villages: the small 'e' placed before the word borghi represents the key to opening up the doors of a whole cosmos for the reader to explore. It is precisely behind this small letter that the real transformation lies.

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