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Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus

Where to sleep in Allerona, Terni, Umbria

The roofs, the houses, the bell tower of the romanesque church, the force and together the beauty and grace characterize the medieval village, born as a place of worship and fortress of faith for almost seven hundred years and then which became the country, saved by a tragic fate of degradation and destruction to be reborn to new life.

A legend would like the name of the village derives from a passage of St Peter, prince of the apostles, who in his second coming in Italy, both landed in Pisa and by there, moving to Rome, both past in this territory making the miracle to gush the’water to administer baptism. From here the term aquae ortus (Source of water).

The structure è was recovered with the utmost attention and with the care of the smallest details, the buildings have all been dismantled, stone by stone, consolidated and reconstructed with the original materials in strict compliance with the technical reconstructive.

The flagship of the complex is certainly represented by the recovery of a medieval church with the resurfacing of the simple but beautiful facade and interiors and especially with the small square in front of in which it was formed the stone fountain from which gushes out water. The gaze appears as a beautiful medieval Italian square in miniature.

In the village were obtained 25 housing units of different width able to satisfy the various requirements of customers whom it offers the possibility to relive ancient rooms having at his disposal all the most modern comforts (internet wi-fi, satellite TV, flat screen tv). Guests can live an experience of absolute tranquillity in an oasis of wellbeing.

The structure also have a restaurant and a meeting room located inside of the medieval church, recovered in the internal volumes for the conduct of new features. Also available are the outdoor swimming pool equipped with a location where water leaks from vents in stone for natural hydromassage, the wellness center inside with a small swimming pool with sea water for thalassotherapy, the gym and the wine bar with outdoor garden.

The wide internal village square is the ideal space to organize concerts, vernissages, cocktails and exhibitions. The external spaces, designed by a landscape architect, are furnished with plants, flowers and fruit trees typical of our Umbrian countryside and essences forget with an attentive study of archeology and floral. Were studied nature trails with rest areas equipped with seats of wood for relaxation, conversation and leisure in direct contact with nature.

Borgo di San Pietro Aquaeortus is geographically located in the High Orvieto territory, half coast on the slopes above the hills of the Selva di Meana Park, territory rich of environmental and historical-architectural resources, strategically interconnected with the Upper Lazio and the lowest Sienese.

The fortunate position of complex allows in fact to reach in little time the thermal center of San Casciano dei Bagni, Val d’Orcia and the medieval pearls of Maremma Toscana (Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana); in Lazio lake Bolsena, Viterbo and the Tuscia Viterbese. In Umbria, finally, San Pietro Aquaeortus is part of the territory of Allerona and is also very close to Orvieto, as well as the medieval villages around Lake Trasimeno, Perugia, Assisi and Città della Pieve.

We await you!

  • Room rental
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee bar, cocktail
  • Wifi
  • Pets Allowed
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Free parking

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