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Province of Sondrio

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The Valtellina extends along a rich and varied territory, enclosed between the majestic peaks of the Rhaetian Alps to the north, the Orobie mountain range to the south, perfectly aligned between Switzerland and Lombardy. Surrounded by the wonderful mountains it offers an image of incredible beauty, especially in autumn and winter when the peaks are colored a white.

Its valleys cut deeply into the rock, the precious terraces cultivated with vineyards, wild streams such as the river Adda and the river Mallero, and the lush woods offer an overall image characterized by a rural and wild appearance. The deep grooves of natural geography welcome a myriad of animal and floral species, making it a true oasis of biodiversity.

The Valtellina is intersected by a network of paths and paths that cross the woods of firs and larches, the bright green meadows in summer, adorned with edelweiss, rhododendrons, and blueberries. Walking on these trails, it is very common to encounter local wildlife, such as deer, chamois, marmots and roe deer.

One of the most distinctive features of the territory is the presence of the ancient terraces, built by hand centuries ago by the farmers of the area. These dry stone walls, still used for the cultivation of vines, represent an incredible example of human ingenuity and synergy with nature. On the gentle slopes of the hilly morphology, these terraces form a mosaic of microenvironments of vineyards, orchards and woods.

In the extremely varied alpine territory of the Valtellina, we find a series of small and large lakes. Lake Como prevails over all, admired all over the world for its romantic charm and its enchanting elegance. However, the smaller lakes are no less than inviting to relaxation and meditation with their harmony.

Exploring the Valtellina, the cultural and architectural heritage stands out. From ancient Gothic churches to picturesque medieval villages, the link between man and earth is revealed in every corner. The numerous historical testimonies are intertwined with legendary narratives and popular traditions, making the territory a formidable theater of fascinating stories.

Discover the Municipalities of Valtellina

The capital of Valtellina is Sondrio which boasts ancient origins and a quiet atmosphere typical of the Alpine towns. Its old town, with narrow streets and stone houses, is dominated by the Masegra Castle, once home to condottieri and military fortress, inside which is set up the "narrating museum" CAST (castle of mountain stories).

Tirano is famous for being the starting point of the Bernina Red Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most scenic panoramic railway lines in Europe. The old town is rich in historical evidence, such as the Sanctuary of the Madonna, a religious monument of the Renaissance, and the Salis Palace, a luxurious noble residence of the seventeenth century.

Morbegno, the main center of the lower Valtellina, is considered the link between Lake Como and Valtellina. Rich in history and art, Morbegno is a town where the gastronomic traditions of the area are reflected in the dishes, thanks to its culinary events. Home to the famous Bitto, this delicious cheese is the protagonist of the annual event: the Bitto Exhibition.

Bormio is a spa and ski resort of international renown, placed as a gateway to the Stelvio National Park, Bormio is an essential tourist destination during a holiday in Valtellina.

These municipalities, along with many others, form a rich and varied mosaic of the territory. Each of them offers its own uniqueness, both for the natural beauty of the territory that surrounds and intersects the houses, and for the unique cultural and traditional realities.

Valtellina in every season

Winter. The snow-white season transforms these lands into an ideal destination for ski and snowboard lovers. The renowned ski resorts of Livigno and Bormio offer state-of-the-art facilities, well-maintained slopes and breathtaking landscapes.

Spring. The awakening of nature gives intense shades of green, making the Valtellina perfect for hiking or cycling. The spectacular Via dei Terrazzamenti is an unmissable route along 70 kilometers that connects Morbegno to Tirano, the Lower and the Middle Valley.

Summer. The hot summer days invite you to discover the beauty of the lakes of Valtellina, such as the "Bei Laghetti" in Bormio, renamed as "The Maldives at 3000 m" for the blue color of their waters, or to walk or mtb the famous Rusca Trail.

Autumn. The landscape is tinged with vibrant colors, creating a suggestive setting for the harvest. It is the perfect time to visit the ancient cellars and taste the famous red wine: the Sforzato di Valtellina.

The gastronomic delights of Valtellina

Valtellina is a true paradise for lovers of food and wine. The glorious culinary tradition of Valtellina is expressed through a range of high quality products, the result of a wealth of knowledge, techniques and skills handed down from generation to generation.

The Wine of the Valtellina

The steep terraces nestled in the mountains of Valtellina host a heroic viticulture from which are born prestigious red wines, famous and internationally recognized. Valtellina Superiore DOCG, produced in its various denominations (Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella) is a ruby red wine, made from Nebbiolo grapes, called here Chiavennasca, with rich and complex aromas and full-bodied and elegant flavors.

It is impossible not to mention Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, the first dry red wine to obtain the DOCG denomination in Italy. Produced from the same bunches of Nebbiolo, with a drying process of the grapes, a wine is obtained with an intense color, with fruity and spicy olfactory notes and a full-bodied but velvety taste, perfect companion of red meats and aged cheeses.

Cheeses of Valtellina

The dairy tradition of Valtellina is enriched by artisanal cheeses that preserve the authenticity of the flavors of high altitude. Bitto and Casera DOP are the real protagonists of this tradition: Bitto, with an intense and aromatic taste, is produced with cow’s milk and a small percentage of goat’s milk, and can be aged for over ten years, while Casera, soft and delicate, perfectly accompanies typical dishes such as polenta taragna or pizzoccheri.

The Bresaola of Valtellina

The Bresaola della Valtellina IGP is another jewel of local gastronomy. It is a sausage made from beef, selected, processed and aged according to a production process that dates back to ancient times. Its sweet and delicate taste and its soft texture make it unique among Italian sausages.

The Kitchen of the Valtellina

Valtellinese cuisine offers rustic and hearty dishes, capable of warming the cold winter days but also to give summer pleasures. Pizzoccheri, made with buckwheat flour and seasoned with butter, cheese, potatoes and savoy cabbage, are one of the most representative dishes. They are joined by polenta taragna, prepared with corn flour and buckwheat and seasoned with butter and homemade, and sciatt, pancakes with cheese heart.

Tasting the gastronomic delights of Valtellina means discovering a territory rich in authentic flavors, rooted in a unique territory and in an ancient and respectful agri-food tradition of its land.

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località Cà della Vedova - 23030, Mazzo di Valtellina, Sondrio

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