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Discover the Wonders of the Langhe del Moscato by E-bike: An Unforgettable Experience

Bookable up to tuesday 31 december 2024

Explore the enchanting Langhe del Moscato on a fascinating guided e-bike tour. A Bicycle Tour Guide will lead you through spectacular vistas

from 90.00 €

Lenght: 5,5 hours
Max persons: 20
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We invite you to participate in an amazing experience in the picturesque Moscato Langhe region. This e-bike tour, led by a skilled Bicycle Tour Guide, offers you the unique opportunity to discover breathtaking views, among lush vineyards and swollen hazel groves, immersed in the poetic peace recounted by Cesare Pavese.

Pedaling on an e-bike (pedal-assisted bicycle) in the heart of a UNESCO territory is an experience that combines nature, culture, sport and gastronomy. You will have the opportunity to ride along small roads painted in green and easy off-road trails, always enjoying maximum safety.

This territory, with a landscape delicately shaped by man, is distinguished by its extraordinary geometries, which alone deserve the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. Pedaling among vineyards that produce the renowned Moscato, you are invited to immerse yourself in the beating heart of a thousand-year-old culture, where nature blends with local traditions to create a unique and unparalleled rhythm.

The pleasure of travel, the thrill of adventure and that touch of desire for discovery are the promises of this exploration, which will take you to a timeless place, in close contact with its nature and history.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of an e-bike tour in the Muscat Langhe. The authentic and precious beauty of this corner of paradise is waiting to give you an experience that will remain etched in your heart and mind.

Buy your package now and start your adventure in the Langhe!


  • Exploring the Langhe del Moscato: Enjoy the thrill of exploring the fascinating Langhe del Moscato, a region famous for its scenic beauty and excellent wine production.

  • E-bike Tour: Ride comfortably on an e-bike, with pedal assist, that will allow you to travel the roads and trails of the Langhe with ease and effortlessness and enjoy the experience of being in direct contact with the surrounding nature.

  • Bicycle Tour Leader: You will be accompanied by an experienced Bicycle Tour Leader, who will guide you through the tour, ensuring both safety and interesting, in-depth information about the area and its culture.

  • Breathtaking Panoramas: Take in breathtaking views as you pass through the perfectly aligned vineyards and swollen hazel groves of the Langhe. This region offers postcard-perfect scenery that will leave you breathless.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Discover the places and geometries that have earned the Langhe del Moscato the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. Experience the harmony between the landscape and human activities.

  • Local Culture and Traditions: Learn more about local culture, immersed in the traditions of the Langhe, and discover the importance of Moscato wine and the traditions associated with its production.

  • Adventure and Pleasure of Travel: You will experience an unforgettable adventure, combining the joy of riding new trails with the pleasure of immersing yourself in the timeless beauty of the Moscato Langhe.

- The use of the ebike allows everyone to participate effortlessly
- Companion will guide you along little-known trails for an exclusive experience
- Bucolic setting and away from mass tourism


Ebike Tour
Ebike Tour with Ebike rent 
Adults [12-75] 90.00 €

from 90.00 €

The shown prices are per person.


  • Accompanied tour with a cycling tour leader from the Piedmont Region
  • Rental of the Ebike, delivered to the starting point
  • Helmet
  • Insurance

It does not include

  • Lunch
  • Tastings

Terms and conditions

The reservation must be made at least one week in advance

In case of bad weather, as reported by the ARPA Piedmont bulletin, the excursion can be postponed or cancelled.

By Miravigne snc di Pagliero Stefania e Pagliari Carlo

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