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Fiuggi: The kingdom of thermal waters and painted stories

Tuesday 13 february 2024

Explore Fiuggi, its thermal waters, beautiful murals and fascinating natural landscapes. A perfect combination of wellness, art and nature in a treasure chest in Lazio.

Fiuggi: The kingdom of thermal waters and painted stories

Ph. essevu/shutterstock

Fiuggi, jewel set in the green setting of the province of Frosinone, is a pearl in Lazio to discover and live. Known above all for its thermal waters rich in beneficial properties, Fiuggi is the perfect combination of wellness, history and nature.

The magic of the spa

The famous healing power of the waters of Fiuggi has made them a popular destination since ancient times. Today, you can immerse yourself in the same waters that have hosted popes and famous people, allowing you a moment of absolute relaxation in the modern "Terme di Fiuggi". Its waters are ideal for purifying the body and to treat kidney and uric problems. But Fiuggi is not only spa: it is also walks in the green, art and hospitality.

Acque di Bonifacio VIII, Fiuggi
Ph. Paola Leone/shutterstock

The art that lives on the walls: The murals of Fiuggi

As you enter the alleys of Fiuggi, let your gaze be captured by the liveliness and history imprinted on the walls of the village. An open-air art gallery unfolds before you through 13 murals that, like modern storytellers, narrate the culture and events of this land.

An integral part of the "Lazio Street Art" project, these masterpieces were designed to create a visual and cultural bridge between the medieval village and the spa area. With "Anticoli-Fiuggi zer0 Km", Fiuggi rediscovers and celebrates its roots, making dialogue the soul of Anticoli, ancient name of the city, with contemporary artistic expressions.

Walking among these works means travelling through time: the artists have impressed on the walls the past of Fiuggi, transforming corners of everyday life into visual narratives able to involve and excite. Street art thus becomes a medium through which the ancient breathes in modernity, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the place and its cultural identity.

I murales di Fiuggi
Pg. Fb AnticoliFiuggiZer0Km

A green lung to explore: Nature around Fiuggi

Around the village of Fiuggi, there is an authentic earthly paradise, a treasure trove of biodiversity where nature manifests itself with a spectacle of rare beauty. One of the most enchanting natural jewels is the Natural Reserve of Lake Canterno, an oasis of serenity that borders the municipalities of Ferentino, Trivigliano, Fumone, Fiuggi and Torre Cajetani. Here, the placid waters of the lake mirror the sky, offering shelter to numerous species of birds and creating landscapes that look like paintings.

Lago di Canterno
Lago di Canterno - Ph. fede_92/flickr

Not far away, the Monti Simbruini Regional Natural Park stands as a temple of Apennine nature, with its peaks that touch 2000 meters high, immense beech forests and vast karst plains. The richness of the spring waters draw the landscape, making the territory fertile and lush. The human presence is discrete but of great historical-artistic interest, with small towns that preserve testimonies sometimes millennial.

Every excursion in these places becomes an immersion in an uncontaminated environment, where nature dominates and offers moments of peace and splendor in every season of the year. Fiuggi is the ideal starting point to venture into this protected area, which promises to be an endless source of wonders for lovers of outdoor and trekking.

Trekking sui Monti Simbruini
Monti Simbruini - Ph. ila.b/flickr

Sweet stop at Hotel Siviglia

After a day in the beneficial thermal waters and after exploring the treasures of the village, nothing is more pleasant than a family welcome. Hotel Siviglia, a small family-run hotel, awaits you to offer you rest and comfort. Each room, of the 29 available, is treated in detail to ensure a serene atmosphere of relaxation. And in the morning, start your day with a genuine breakfast, prepared with traditional flavors and products.

Hotel Siviglia a Fiuggi

A regenerating experience

Fiuggi is thus a surprising destination, which goes beyond the simple spa care. Between history, nature and warm welcome, every visitor can find their own space of well-being and discovery. Book your stay and let yourself be enchanted by the harmony of this land.

A regenerating experience awaits you, capable of touching body and spirit. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in Fiuggi!

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